Indoor air quality monitor. Monitors oxygen, CO2%, temperature and humidity levels

  • Public building oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Public building oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Oxygen (O2%), CO2%, temperature, humidity monitoring to perform air quality checks in offices, schools, malls, restaurants, swimming pools, etc.

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  • Production site oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Production site oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Personnel protection by monitoring oxygen (O2%), CO2%, temperature and humidity for detection of leakage, nitrogen generation, inert gas systems, etc.

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  • Museums & Archives

    Museums & Archives

    a complete monitoring solution to control the levels of oxygen, humidity and aggressive compounds that cause ageing of artifacts.

  • Simulated altitude oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Simulated altitude oxygen sensor (O2%)

    By reducing oxygen content in an enclosed environment we can simulate any altitude.

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  • Fire prevention oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Fire prevention oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Continuous oxygen (O2%) monitoring in oxygen reduction fire prevention environments.

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  • Aerospace


    O2, CO2, Temperature, humidity monitoring on board of aircrafts. 



O2/CO2 monitor continuously shows carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels


The Airovita S1 CO2 / Oxygen monitor continuously shows carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity levels so you can monitor the quality of air in your home, office or industrial environment. Oxygen measurement based on fluorescence quenching, RS-458 MODBUS RTU interface.


It allows continuous monitoring of indoor air quality in spaces where healthy CO2 / oxygen values can be problematic. Off balance oxygen and carbon dioxide levels can have a negative effect on a persons health, ability to concentrate and overall wellbeing. High levels of CO2 concentration can also be life threatening. CO2 and oxygen levels should always be monitored in all closed environments where many people stay for a longer period of time. The Airovita S1 has an optional graphic display for reading the different values for levels of CO2, oxygen, air temperature and air humidity. When exceeding the adjustable alarm values an alarm sounds and / or other connected safety systems will be notified.


The AIROVITA S1 sensor is a configurable and adjustable sensor with multiple sensing elements inside, able to communicate with other systems (e.g. PLC, etc.) via RS-485 MODBUS.

The AIROVITA S1 can measure the following parameters:

  • Temperature [°C]
  • relative Humidity [% r.H.]
  • partial pressure of Oxygen [mBar, ppO2]
  • Barometric pressure [mBar]
  • Carbon Dioxide [ppm]


Additional information, calculated from the measurements above:

  • Oxygen [%]
  • altitude above sea level [m or feet]
  • absolute Humidity [g/m3]
  • Dew point temperature [°C]
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