Production site air quality monitor

O2 and CO2 monitoring production environment

We proudly present the newest family of Swiss-made environmental sensors that can measure oxygen and CO2 %, temperature and humidity and be used in many applications, such as:

  • Air quality checks in offices and factories
  • Detection of leakage
  • Personnel protection
  • Nitrogen generation,
  • Inert gas systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Restaurants (for CO2 monitoring at carbonized drinks storage and distribution)
  • Breweries (O2, CO2, Temperature, humidity monitoring)
  • Boilers and combustion systems
  • Biomass heating plants
  • Chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Refining and refrigeration plants
  • Waste treatment
  • Archives and storage facilities
  • Aerospace



  • Small dimensions
  • Available in two different enclosures (IP21 and IP65)
  • LCD Display with Backlight (brightness is adjustable)
  • Humidity and temperature compensated Oxygen measurement with an optical sensor (fluorescent quenching)
  • Less power consumption vs. zirconium oxygen sensor, no heat
  • Longer lifetime and lower drift vs. chemical oxygen sensors
  • Carbon dioxide measurement with an NDIR sensing element -> large range of measurement from 0 to 20000 ppm
  • Relay Output (alarm functions, safety chain) -> trigger configurable
  • Safety Relay with forcibly guided contacts according to EN61810-1, IEC61810-3, EN50205, EN45545
  • Buzzer Output (Alarm functions) -> trigger configurable
  • RS-485 MODBUS Interface
  • Low power consumption
  • ROHS compliant
  • Easy wiring
  • Easy mounting
  • Engineered and produced by a ISO9001 certified company
  • Customizable on request (enclosure color, logo...)
  • Made in Switzerland

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