O2, CO2, temperature, humidity monitoring applications

  • Public building oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Public building oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Oxygen (O2%), CO2%, temperature, humidity monitoring to perform air quality checks in offices, schools, malls, restaurants, swimming pools, etc.

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  • Production site oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Production site oxygen sensor / CO2 sensor

    Personnel protection by monitoring oxygen (O2%), CO2%, temperature and humidity for detection of leakage, nitrogen generation, inert gas systems, etc.

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  • Museums & Archives

    Museums & Archives

    a complete monitoring solution to control the levels of oxygen, humidity and aggressive compounds that cause ageing of artifacts.

  • Simulated altitude oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Simulated altitude oxygen sensor (O2%)

    By reducing oxygen content in an enclosed environment we can simulate any altitude.

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  • Fire prevention oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Fire prevention oxygen sensor (O2%)

    Continuous oxygen (O2%) monitoring in oxygen reduction fire prevention environments.

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  • Aerospace


    O2, CO2, Temperature, humidity monitoring on board of aircrafts. 


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